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I’d class myself as what you’d call “averagely attractive”.I can dress up and turn a few heads, but I couldn’t earn a living from my appearance.Many profiles are riddled with tiny fibs that are often revealed during the first in-person meeting.A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found roughly 80% of online daters lie. After surveying participants on dating sites such as and Webdate, the results showed lying is quite common in the virtual dating world.“Given that 81% of people lie, I think it’s time to stop getting so bent out of shape when they do, and simply assume that everyone is fudging a little bit — some, more than others.” He said on his blog.“At the end of the day, it’s better to be pleasantly surprised when someone does tell the truth than bitterly disappointed when he doesn’t.Do some men tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in their online profiles? But as a general rule, if you want to get the most out of your time in the world of online dating, it’s a good idea to start reading between the lines and take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt.

Dating and relationship expert Marc Evan Katz said even though lying isn’t right, you shouldn’t be too surprised or angry when you discover your date did.

Men, for example, tend to exaggerate their height; women tend to exaggerate their thinness: Since people also tend to restrict their searches according to social desirability (looking for taller men and thinner women), these lies will result in your being included in a greater proportion of searches.

So, if you lie, you are more likely to actually go on a date.

In the summer of 2006, after having recently endured a breakup, I decided to bite the bullet, finally hopping on the online dating bandwagon. I downloaded this one photo of me in a polka-dot dress and this other one of me in an absurd straw fedora and scoured the internet for someone to date. He had well-groomed facial hair, and those trendy, thick-framed hipster glasses.

I chose Nerve as the site, and “Sara_B” and “This is really awkward” as my username and headline. Nerve asked its members for a list of items they couldn’t live without, and Lucky Jim_28 had written .

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