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Allegedly, she might have been James Franco’s jumpoff after he dumped his long-term girlfriend last year, and she’s not only got a fake name (her real name is Laura Hollins), but she also lied about her real age for most of her modelling career.

Giovanni isn’t exactly the picture of perfection either though — he’s a second-generation Scientologist, which makes me believe that perhaps Agyness has gone there too.

He first married an actress Mariah O’Brien in 1997 and had a daughter together who was named Lucia.

They divorced in 2001, and by 2007 he began dating a songwriter Cat Power.

According to a witness, the couple was very lovey dovey and when asked if they were getting married they quietly said yes. wandering by lone sea breakers and sitting by desolate streams.

world losers and world forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleams. You and I together keep undoing and changing things down here on earth although you go about it in one way and I another.

It appears that he still holds these beliefs although recently he joked that being an actor is his new religion.

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The talented actor Giovanni Ribisi was born on December 17, 1974, in Los Angeles, California to Albert Anthony and Gay Ribisi. From an early age, he was fully supported by his mother to make his career in acting.He leans more liberal politically but the only comments we could find have been him making fun of the government and saying how corrupt big banks and pharmaceutical companies are. He studied computer design in college and even used some of his skills on Avatar. In 2001 they seperated and he began dating Cat Power.He has designed some of his own glasses before which he said was a lot of fun. They broke up and he later got married to Agyness Dean.Ted Danson & Whoopi Goldberg Do you guys remember the early '90s? And Ted Danson showed up in black face at a Friars Club Roast? Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano Twihards won't be surprised by this news because, back in '08, tabloids reported that K.Stew left child star Michael Angarano heartbroken when she ditched him for her costar, Robert Pattinson. Were those two ever Matt Damon & Winona Ryder Winona Ryder's dating history is pretty strange, and we all reminisce over the years that she and Johnny Depp were together.

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