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Yes, as cheesy as it may sound, renting a tandem bike (AKA the bicycle built for two) can be quite the adventure for the super coordinated couple who want a more interesting spin on the typical scenic trail ride.

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She liked to help young people in Africa achieve their goals.' Ms Grohs had headed the Abidjan branch of the Goethe-Institut - a German cultural association - since December 2013, previously working as a culture and development consultant at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg.In the past five consecutive years, five generations of Goethe-Guerilla members have managed to leave a significant trace in the cultural life of Belgrade and Savamala through their creative research and many socially engaged projects and actions.They have established a valuable network of communication and cooperation with various young and talented individuals and groups, as well as with the residents of Savamala, which has been the main contemplative frame of their work in the past three years.Originally created as a part of an Institution, Goethe-Guerilla has become a well-known platform for individuals to express their creativity and enthusiasm in dealing with inconsistencies, trying to create a better environment for themselves and other citizens.Being a member of the “Guerilla” group has become a strong connection point, generator of creative ideas and a synonym for activism, teamwork, creativity and open-minded approach.

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