Social dating restrictions in afghanistan

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As I befriended our local and international clients, a new world of Afghan political and social elite opened up to me.

A typical day could include interacting with the Afghan government; dining with clients in front of heaping piles of rice and naan; or going to various embassies, yet—since we lived and worked in a high-security compound for safety—I spent much of my time there, and every opportunity to go out into the city was a thrill.

This system of registration dates back to 2003 when the Iranian Bureau of Alien and Foreign Immigrants’ Affair (a Bureau within the Interior Ministry) re-registered Afghan nationals who had migrated to Iran in 80s and 90s.

Since this initial registration, the newer waves of Afghan migrant workers have been registered more than ten times but each card is only valid up to a year.

Under the Taliban, music was banned, and women were locked up at home.

Some owners moved their wedding halls across the border, to Pakistan.

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