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Children aged 16 years or younger are eligible to stay free of nightly accommodation charges when staying at a participating hotel or accommodation.

Children aged 16 years or younger are also eligible to access participating attractions free of admission fees when booked for the attraction as part of a group including at least one adult paying full admission fee.

Bianet's final 2015 monitoring report confirmed this trend and underlined that once regained majority after the AKP interim government period, the Turkish government further intensified its pressure on the country's media.

The government enacted new laws that expanded both the state’s power to block websites and the surveillance capability of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT).

By some accounts, Turkey currently accounts for one-third of all journalists imprisoned around the world.In terms of governorates of Syria, Rojava is formed from most of al-Hasakah Governorate and the northern parts of Raqqa Governorate and the northwestern and northeastern Aleppo Governorate.Rojava is part of the Fertile Crescent, and includes archaeological sites dating to the Neolithic, such as Tell Halaf.Why has internal and regional conflict become so widespread and so brutal in the region?What would more accountable social contracts between citizens and states look like, and how can Arab countries take advantage of their human capital?

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