Updating abit bios

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This is a major update I've been working on for a long time. This new configuration file properly handles computers where hardware monitoring devices appear and disappear and/or are swapped out (like S. This error may be frustrating, but the good part is that it can be solved easily.There are very few reasons for the CMOS Checksum Bad Error, hence they can be handled effectively. If that’s the case, most likely there is something wrong with the battery charging circuit or DC power jack. When a system board fails, you may experience the following most common problems with your laptop. Most likely this is related to the VGA chip failure. The laptop turns on without video on the screen and the power LED starts flashing. The laptop works fine with AC power adapter but will not charge a known good battery.The CMOS memory stores a specific value normally to guard the BIOS software.

drives to return too high a value if nothing was wrong (this error is mostly cosmetic and nobody could see it, as it was rounded to 100% even if it was, internally, reporting 10000% :-))added support for DELL CPU temperature and for fan speeds, even if these readings are the result of some hacks and not the result of a public datasheet. Anyway, please note that reported temperatures seem to be REALLY HIGH.

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A checksum is computed as an error detecting code to guard the BIOS settings stored in the CMOS memory.

The CMOS Checksum Bad Error is an error that occurs when the CMOS values turn out to be incorrect.

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