Challenges of dating a man in a wheelchair

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Elderly disable people are usually shocked when they discover that disable people actually go on dates!

Handicapped people had difficulty locating possible mates before and those that had serious disabilities had minimal opportunity for finding prospective mates.

very morning, Garrett Mayersohn waits about 30 minutes before he can get out of bed, then gets help taking a shower, going to the bathroom and shaving.

Mayersohn’s aide, Cordiff Warren, helps place him in a chair — the second of two electric wheelchairs that Mayersohn has been using since cerebral palsy took away his ability to walk on his own when he was a year old.

It’s at these times we often take a retrospective look at ourselves and revaluate our worth our ethos and perspectives.

Spinal cord injury is without doubt a tumultuous life changing event.

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