Michigan consolidating schools

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For example, Marshall Public Schools will use .5 million to cover the costs from absorbing the Albion school district last July. Rather, by consolidating services, buildings, and other parts of the district, the district runs more efficiently without taking away from the students.

“The grants basically help defray the costs and increase efficiencies in these districts,” he said.

The state has approved grants totaling three million dollars.

The earlier recommendations, which came after nearly a year of planning, had called for a “soft” close at Harrison High, with current eighth-grade students choosing Farmington High or North Farmington High starting in the 2016-17 school year. This chapter discusses the requirements of Education Code Section 35753 in detail and how the State Board of Education would apply the conditions of Section 35753.The best of the cost function studies suggest that sizeable potential cost savings in instructional and administrative costs may exist by moving from a very small district (500 or fewer pupils) to a district with ca 2000–4000 pupils.Two neighboring school districts in Ypsilanti, Michigan, are in the midst of consolidation, a process that has left nearly 200 teachers and support staff jobless.Last month all 358 teachers from Ypsilanti Public Schools and the eastside Willow Run Community Schools received pink slips and were made to reapply for their jobs.

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