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She does not like juggle into both places for week and wants to stay with whole family. Sona suggests to fight like they used to for silly reason, who will get Sourav’s last laddo, who will get favorite clothes, etc., says don’t know how they used to get these ideas. Ishwari comes and says Sona that Golu and Soha got tired and slept deeply. Ishwari asks if she can have coffee with her, coffee sounds so better than tea. Elena says gives her water and says she was bringing it. Sona says let us sit on sofa and chat and says she does not to hear sorry from her. Ishwari speaks and says Dev does not understand easily and needs to be explained. Elen says because of her, Sona gets ideas to fight. Sona says if she prepares it, then who would not like to have coffee. Asha says seeing Dev and Sona together, even Ishwari is hoping they reunite. Ishwari says she helped her so much, so sorry is a small word. GKB fumes in jealousy seeing both families uniting. She goes to her room and takes out Dev and Sona’s wedding album. She thinks Sona is afraid that Dev will do same mistake and Dev is worried that Sona will hate him again, it is her duty now to reunite both and will have to make an effort. Ishwari scolds Dev how can he let guests go in taxi and asks him to drop Sona’s family first, be with Sona until she finishes her work, and then drop her home. Ishwari says she is telling truth and even she knows that.

CLICK TO JOIN NOW Seducing a teenage boy is not a hard task at all and it can be done by any woman even guys mother!Fuck knows for what reason she happened to be together with them too - sitting in one's lap, feeling something hard rubbing against her firm buns...Suddenly the old guy lifted the hem of her dress and she saw a stiff cock sticking out of his jeans.Elena asks her not to worry, things will move on their own, she did not think she would settle with Vicky, but now she has Golu with them, similarly life surprises and moves on. She opens her heart out and says she was insecure thinking Dev would forget her for Sona, but realized it too late that Sona is unique. Sona praises Ishwari that she stood for her family alone and fought with the world for her family alone, she is very happy to meet her. Ishwari says she felt good seeing them at her home and invites them to come often. Bejoy tells Sona if Sona has slept, she can accompany them. In the morning, Sona asks Dev why is he not ready to drop her school, get ready soon, even she They will. Regarding her and Dev, they could not handle their relationship and it was their mistake and anyone else’s. Dev notices that, goes to home temple and asks god if he wants him to thank again, then he will. Sona says she has some work and will come late, has booked cab for them. Sona thanks Dev for being so confident and making an effort to lessen both family’s bitterness, says soon both family will forget their anger and unite.

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