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The Prime Minister has been inviting groups of 15 politicians to her official Chequers country residence - handing them prosecco and homemade chocolates at the door as they arrive, according to the Mirror. ' Texas has been left reeling by 'catastrophic' flooding and 'widespread devastation' on Saturday in the wake of Hurricane Harvey after the monstrous storm slammed into the state.TV personality and author Susannah Constantine followed her 16-year-old daughter Esme to party captial Magaluf, and detailed everything that she saw. Winds of up to 130mph and a storm surge of 13 feet high (bottom right) caused extreme property damage (left) Emergency crews helped rescue thousands to safety (top right).Police are grilling the lorry driver suspected of being over the limit after the minibus was squashed flat (main) in a crash with two lorries.

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Sometimes people contact us who either have a Schnauzer to re-home or when they want to rescue a Schnauzer.

Pictured inset, minibus owner and driver Cyriac Joseph was one of those killed.

Theresa May has revealed the date she will quit as Prime Minister - giving herself two years to see Brexit through first.

She could have rocked the much younger First IV's opponents too.

If she wanted she could have rocked The Vets' opponents out there on the rugby pitch as easily as Dad did.

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