What is the difference between friends and dating Single sex chat no registration

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Although there are some relationships that involve some feelings to be felt between the two individuals, this is not necessarily a criterion for a relationship to occur.Examples of this would include a relationship between an employer and an employee or a relationship between a doctor and his patient.They are able to show who they really are to each other.Here are some of the people that one can call friends: acquaintances, family friends, pen pals, colleagues, allies, online friends, and one can even have imaginary friends, but the one that is really a true friend is one’s best friend.A man may be in a relationship with a woman, but he would not allow her into the privacy of his home. And even when he brings her home, he will be reluctant to leave her alone in his house while he is at work or away.But if she is his friend, he will even give her the keys to his home and treat her like a member of his family. Lovers may break up over demands, but friends do not break up over Black Berry or other selfish wants and vanities.It is a close association with another person who has the best intentions for the other, showing sympathy as well as empathy through understanding and compassion and honesty in everything especially in things where others cannot tell the truth.True friends trust each other, and they find joy in each other’s company.

But, dating means you are emotionally and/or sexually attracted to each other and love each other.Friends can either be a man or a woman or a girl or a boy in which case they are called boyfriends or girlfriends. It can be a platonic relationship or a romantic relationship.It is used to refer to the girl or woman with whom one is dating and who one may or may not be engaged to.A girlfriend stopped talking to a guy, because he refused to buy her a Black Berry Bold 2. Many guys and babes are in relationship without being friends. In friendship you often do things for each other without asking for payment in cash or kind.It is always best to date the person who is your friend first before having a romantic, Intimate or platonic relationship with the person.

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