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Quite an interesting op-ed in the NY Post today from Julia Allison and Julia Price, two women who moved to New York in search of a “Sex and the City” life style and left somewhat disillusioned, and completely single.

Julia and Julia learned that the glamorous, rich lifestyle portrayed on might give young, impressionable girls the wrong ideas about things.

She’s sharing Charlotte’s most steamy, gross, and rude dating horror stories in her debut of ‘Single in the City’ on Rising.

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The author, Jim Smith, gives his thoughts on each episode too.

This book is great to rehash your favorite episodes.

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I knew that when I went to NYU, I wouldn’t even be taking cabs, let alone eating in the kinds of restaurants the four (much older) women on Sex and the City seemed to exclusively dine in.

But what did work its way into my psyche, even at the age of 17, was a sort of underlying about dating.

BRIDESMAID= A woman who attends the bride at a wedding.

FELL PREY TO= if you fall prey to something you feel really attracted to it (almost like hypnotized).

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