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Update: The Pirate Bay team told Torrent Freak that one of the VM images was causing trouble. Some newer content may be hard to find through search right now.This bug is described in Launchpad but it seems Launchpad isn't used anymore? Link to the original bug with more reports from others: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbittorrent/ bug/675128 Description Tested on Mac OS X 10.7.5 with QB 3.0.8 The showrss.feeds do not update in QB: It only updates when I add the feed initially, any time I startup QB afterwards, the feed does not update, even if I remove the feed and add it again. user_id=17954&hd=2&proper=1&namespaces=true feed with magnets and namespaces: Actually, you can customize the update intervals of RSS Feeds.This article will introduce steps about how to set and change the update intervals of RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook.Install u Torrent by double clicking the file you downloaded and following the prompts. A true strong password would include some odd characters but I am not sure what the WDTV can handle so I recommend avoiding things like “$” and “@” for the password for this account. You should now be back inside our C: drive looking at the new “WDTV” folder you just created. In the box underneath of “Automatically load .torrents from” type in: “C:\WDTV\Torrents” (without the quotes) It should look like this: G. If you have a router you need to know how to add a firewall exception for the port shown in the box. Open up new text document in Notepad (A program that was included in several different software packs that I have for other tutorials including the first one on installing custom firmware, if you don’t have it. Copy the multicolored line of code below (sandwiched between the “———” lines) directly into the blank text document (you will probably lose the colors, that is fine): ———— Of course, your text will be ALL in black and that is okay.Set it to "Download all automatically" stop the torrents that start, then when new torrents are added to the feed they will download automatically.By default, RSS Feeds use the publishers’ update recommendations and update quite frequently.

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The “recent” page on the other hand is still working.This is the only thing preventing me from saying good bye to u Torrent 2.2, since I do love q Bitorrent, but I need RSS to work properly.further testing shows that this only happens with special RSS feeds urls, like Torrent Day's, the client does not seem to be able to handle it, in fact the lastest alpha doesn't even remember what it alredy saw, everything is new for him..All you get is a red icon with an 'x' and the feed isnt updated. Showrss has multiple possibilities for feeds to support any client, listed below: Unfortunately QBittorent lacks an episode filter so I still have to select the torrents/magnets manually (and Reg Ex is too advanced for me) but at least it would be nice if the feed itself would update. user_id=17954&hd=2&proper=1&namespaces=true&magnets=true then you didn't test it properly, it eats most of the stuff, I downloaded it again today to test this..first time it readed it right, now every update is missing something, last check the brownser got 4 new entries while the client only 1.

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