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Mc Kenzie & Co (1995) from American Laser Games and Girl's Club (1992) from Philips Interactive were simulation games for girls developed and released in the US in the past.

The first Japanese otome game to be officially translated and sold in English was the visual novel Yo-Jin-Bo in 2006 for the PC.

The game is a little clunky and download times can inhibit some play.

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Each new fan warms our hearts and give us the desire to work hard on making this game a great entertainment for you girls.This genre is most established in Japan, and is mostly made up of visual novels and simulation games; particularly dating sims and life simulation games.In 2002, Konami released its very successful Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, which brought many new fans to the still-new genre.Well my friends prepare for the power of the virtual love.Dating Simulation Games Category gives you the chance to explore this side of love therefore you can try to find your perfect virtual match while you go on various dates that will make you learn much more about what you like and what you dislike.

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