Updating lg dare

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The stylish VX9700 is Verizon's variant of a 'Prada phone' - unlike the Voyager it lacks the clamshell and full QWERTY but is smaller in size and is designed to be controlled by the touch display on the front ...One of the top complaints I hear from i Phone owners is that the otherwise-excellent handset doesn't work with Verizon's top-notch network. This new handset from LG represents a compelling combination of the i Phone's power and ease of use and Verizon's award-winning network.

Samsung then came blazing out with the Instinct, a phone that directly targets the i Phone with visual voice mail, integrated GPS, and corporate e-mail support.I got the product shipped from almost a month back and transferred my T-mobile number onto Verizon account. The Good: LG Dare is an excellent phone packed with extraordinary features.Call quality is crisp and a good speaker phone adds on to it.If you're a Verizon subscriber and you want to play music, record videos, or just generally amuse yourself with a phone, the Dare is a blast to use.Just like the Samsung Instinct for Sprint, the Dare aims directly at the i Phone and adds some features Apple's legendary handset lacks.

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