Updating os10 3 8

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03/03/2017(PST) The automatic purchasing system is up. 03/02/2017(PST) The automatic purchasing system is down now.

Please purchase a Premium Module Key by the manual purchasing system.

By downgrading and staying on the prior version, you may have to accept losing For the best results, you’ll move quick enough to be able to restore an i OS 8.4.1 backup you made previously to the i OS 8.4.1 device.

Before doing anything else, be sure to download i OS 8.4.1 IPSW from here which matches your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch model.

06/14/2016(PST) The communication between US and Japan might solve the problem at . However, in case of 3G or 4G LTE does not have problem. Also, when users ask to OISEYER by the inquire, the answer might store in SPAM folder also. 12/14/2015(PST) Home page has been updated for Price Increase Notice for Premium Module Key 09/23/2015(PST) i-Key Hole TV for i OS 9 has been built on the new provision profile (updating expire date). 08/21/2015(PST) The bug of disappearing paypal window is fixed in payment. If you use the second button to buy a Premium Module Key, please attach the Key Hole user name in the NOTE. The paypal express check out system has a problem about a paypal secure window has gone. Please use the second Buy Now button in the home page.

06/13/2016(PST) The communication between US and Japan might have the problem in ADSL or Cable Modem since . Also, the sales of Automatic setting Premium Module Key might have effect the over traffic. If i-Key Hole TV is not working on i OS 9, Please contact to us. In this time please attach Key Hole user name in the note.

04/01/2017(PST) Key Hole TV for i OS is available for 39 customers who have a year Premium Module Key.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] please click here to send e-mail to OISEYER Inc.

You get access to new features that make your Mac even more useful and fun.02/14/2017(PST) We will be relocating the program distribution equipment from 2/22 (Wednesday) to 2/26 (Sunday) in Japan time. 09/23/2016(PST) i-Key Hole TV which has a new provision profile, is available in Down Load.Therefore, the program may stop and start intermittently. When your i-Key Hole TV dose not work by the tap, please tap Download button in Download Page by your i OS device. But paypal does not charge any fee in the paypal account or a credit card.The QR Patrol app is available for FREE download via the APP Store or Android Market.Please contact us and we will set you up with 1 user for 14 days to trial the software and 4 QR Tag codes to get you started.

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