Backdating invoices

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The VAT 101 application for registration must be submitted in person at the SARS branch nearest to the place where your business is situated or carried on.

Then when the bill is received, debit accruals when the bill is entered. Am I missing something, or does Quickbooks really not provide for a different expense date other than the bill date?

Particularly upon request, you must provide it to them within 28 days.

In order for you to claim the GST credits documents must be kept as proof such as receipts, invoices, cash register dockets, bank and credit card statements to support your claims.

This means an invoice has a combination of items with GST and other items that are GST Free or input taxed.

You must show which sales are taxable on your tax invoice – usually the tax code GST is applied to the items with GST on one line, and ‘FRE’ applied to the items that are GST-free.

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