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Texting while driving is considered extremely dangerous by many people, including authorities, and in some places have either been outlawed or restricted.

A survey of more than 90 teens from more than 26 high schools throughout the United States conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance Group in 2006 showed that 46% of students consider texting to be either "very" or "extremely" distracting.

Various methods have been used to perform an abortion, including the administration of abortifacient herbs, the use of sharpened implements, the application of abdominal pressure, and other techniques.

Abortion laws and their enforcement have fluctuated through various eras.

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Others included the use of irritant leaves, fasting, bloodletting, pouring hot water onto the abdomen, and lying on a heated coconut shell.

There are many other office locations in the Bronx, which you can find here: Her Justice - Bronx office Bronx Family Justice Center198 East 161st Street, 2nd Floor Bronx, NY 10451 Phone: (212) 695-3800Fax: 212.695.9519 Web: Justice provides free legal help in family law, divorce and immigration to low-income women living in New York City.

The practice of abortion—the termination of a pregnancy—has been known since ancient times.

The sub-basement goes down another four floors and is nicknamed "the dungeon".

It was said that when workers were laying the cement for the sub-basement a co-worker went mysteriously missing, his lunch and house keys were found but he wasn't.

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