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Solomon is also a frequent speaker and media commentator on relationship topics.URL: As the resident expert for Dating and “America’s thought leader on relationships,” Dr.

I spent that semester doing an independent study on how to become a woman that no man would ever turn down or break up with or forget to text back. One book I returned to religiously during my studies was E!

We turned to a panel of five experts to help us figure it out.

Skip the booze altogether More than 35 percent of single respondents said they usually don’t drink on the first date.

My syllabus was dotted with tears and trips to the ice-cream vending machine in my dorm’s basement but I did learn. Anchor Giuliana Rancic’s “Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One.” In the years I owned my copy (which I donated to Goodwill a few months ago) friends would pull it off my shelf and laugh at the advice. giggle during sex, admit you were a bad student, kiss on the first date, be a slut in bed, wear a costume that requires a mustache, obsess over babies and puppies, let yourself go, fight in public, cry around him, admit you’ve slept with more than 5 guys, or own a dog that fits in your purse. learn to accept football, be a good cook or a great faker, wax, know how to make the perfect drink, let him go to Vegas, love good music, and talk like a lady not a trucker.

I learned how to play hard to get and how to keep a man interested. The first time I read it, despite recognizing how sexist her advice was, I’d thought I’d found my bible. When a man upset me I’d pull the thin purple book off the shelf and thumb through its pages until I felt like I knew what to do better next time. I would preach to desperate friends about the merits of playing hard to get.

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