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6) If you are using XProtect Enterprise, Professional, Essential, or Go, try leaving the user name drop-down menu set to 'default'.

The reason for this is that many XProtect camera drivers will automatically supply a pre-specified user name (to maintain compatibility with older versions of XProtect).

So, let's start.) without internet requirement if they are in the same LAN, which means the camera and phone need stay into the same WLAN / Wi Fi network.

It’s not easy to display live video stream from an IP camera on a web page because you need wide internet bandwidth and a great video player that is compatible with the major browsers.

But fortunately there are some cloud based services that can do this job for us. This service can receive RTSP/H264 video stream from an IP Camera and can broadcast it to the viewers.

As one of the Gearbest top 10 hot selling products, Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera is quite popular among the personal purpose safety consideration consumers.

Affordable price, practical features, user-friendly operation are the 3 main reasons why the Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera becomes so welcomed.

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