Validating user input

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Note: User errors can be corrected by the filer, while Program errors may require correction by the payroll software company.

You will need to contact your payroll company for your software if you have specific questions concerning the operation of your payroll program.

You must validate your file to continue the filing process.

We encourage you to validate the data as early as possible.

Input validation should happen as early as possible in the data flow, preferably as soon as the data is received from the external party.

You should not wait until the last day to submit tax reports, as unforeseen network problems or program errors may delay transmission and result in late report penalties.

Allow adequate time to fix errors within your payroll program and reconstruct the payroll file so that it will pass the Quick File edits, enabling you to file the return on time.

The rules may be implemented through the automated facilities of a data dictionary, Data validation is intended to provide certain well-defined guarantees for fitness, accuracy, and consistency for any of various kinds of user input into an application or automated system.

Data validation rules can be defined and designed using any of various methodologies, and be deployed in any of various contexts.

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